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Carey Automatic Door, LLC (a woman-owned small business) manufactures MAGIC-DOOR Pneumatic Door Operators for swinging and sliding door applications (formerly known as STANLEY MAGIC-DOOR Pneumatic Operators).  

MAGIC-DOOR Pneumatic Operators have provided automatic swinging and sliding door solutions for a wide variety of industrial, pharmaceutical, healthcare and commercial applications since 1935.  The first industrial applications were installed at Chicago O'Hare International Airport and Penn Station in New York City. 

Carey Automatic Door, LLC manufactures the following swinging and sliding door equipment:

100% Pneumatic (ALL AIR, Explosion Proof) Automatic Door Operators and Interlock Door Systems:

•    What is a Magic-Door 100% Pneumatic (ALL AIR, Explosion Proof) Automatic Door Operator?
•    No Electrical or Electronic Components!
•    Applicable for hazardous swinging and sliding door applications up to 1,200 lbs. per leaf
•    Operator case and cover fabricated from corrosion resistant Stainless Steel
•    Interlock door systems provide for opening of one set of doors and latching of the other set to prevent simultaneous opening of 
     both sets of doors
•    Powerful, instanteous action due to Operator ALL AIR Valve System proximity above door
•    Entire system driven by pneumatic cylinders and valves   
•    State of the art valves with condensed valve configuation contained within Operator case
•    Moving components manufactured from non-sparking materials
•    Von Duprin exit devices with pneumatic latch retraction compatible 
•    For use with hollow metal doors, fire doors, stainless steel doors, blast resistant doors
•    Proven track record for use in environments with volatile chemicals
•    Ideal for:
     Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Industrial, Defense, Aerospace, Manufacturing, Ammunition & Ordinance Facilities, Clean Rooms, Oil 
     Refineries, Nuclear Power Plants, Detonation & Explosive Facilities, Processing Plants, Industrial Bakeries, Flour & Feed Mills,
     Gas Utility Plants, Coal Preparation Plants

Electro-Pneumatic Door Operators: 

•    What is a Magic-Door Electro-Pneumatic Door Operator?
•    Capable of opening heavy access swinging and sliding doors up to 1,200 lbs. per leaf
For locations where severe conditions are found such as strong winds, pressures or where fast operation required
•    Operator case and cover fabricated from corrosion resistant Stainless Steel
•    Concealed operators available under the floor (Magic Mole Pivots) & above the ceiling (Magic Star Pivots) for commercial and 
     institutional applications

•    For use with lead lined doors, fire doors, hollow metal doors, stainless steel doors, blast resistant doors
Ideal for:
     Industrial Facilities, Hospitals (Radiology & Oncology Departments), Government Buildings, Defense Facilities, Post Offices,
     Historical Buildings, Airports, Universities, Cathedrals, Banks, Casinos, Museums, Factories, Warehouses, Loading & Shipping

Advantages of MAGIC-DOOR Pneumatic Operators:

•    The Most Reliable, Durable and Cost Effective Automatic Door Operator in the Industry for over 70 years!
•    Drives Swinging and Sliding Doors up to 1,200 lbs. per leaf
•    Virtually Maintenance Free for 20 - 30 years!
•    Easy Installation

Quote Forms:

100% Pneumatic (ALL AIR, Explosion Proof) Automatic Door Operators & Interlock Door Systems
•    MAGIC-DOOR Electro-Pneumatic Operator Equipment
•    Replacement of Existing MAGIC-DOOR Pneumatic Operator Equipment

Replacement Parts:

Replacement parts are available including Relays, Power Cylinders, Checking Cylinders, Power Springs, Valve & Manifold Assemblies,
Palm Buttons, Pull Cords, Power Cylinder Repair Kits, Checking Cylinder Repair Kits, End Brackets, Door Brackets, Pivots, Concealed Pivots (Magic Mole & Magic Star), Rollers, Wheels, Door Hanger Sheaves, Track and Hangers.  

Please contact us for pricing, availability and maintenance manuals.  Visa, Mastercard and Discover credit cards accepted

 Product & Spare Parts Catalog                                                         Replacement Parts Catalog
                                                                          Customers Served:
  Pharmaceutical Facilities                                   Oil Refineries                                            Chemical Facilities  
    Hospital Oncology & Radiology                           Cathedrals,                                           Airports
                  Departments                                    Historical Buildings

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